Blackberry's Kickstart mobile phone - more details emerge

More details have been released regarding the new Blackberry Kickstart mobile phone. The first handset in the RIM range that appears to address the consumer market instead of the normal business customers the company normally chases.


The first interesting change to the news of Blackberry's new consumer-biased handset is that that clamshell design seems to have been dumped for a preferred slider option. At least, the side-on shots seem to give that indication. There could be a number of reasons for this. Firstly, the initial photo, published here yesterday, might not be a Kickstart but another new phone that has been mislabelled as the Kickstart or the initial images of the Kickstart show a proof of concept handset that was subsequently modified into a slider.


Other details, according to BGR, include quad band which also features GSM, GPRS and EDGE plus a new SureType keyboard, headset socket and a 2MP camera. The screen appears to be a 16-bit colour LCD and the handset is reported to support WiFi.


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