Sony's new mobile phone battery plans

Sony's new mobile phone battery concept provides up to 14 hours of video utilising a mixture of battery and methanol power.


One of the perennial problems with all batteries is that...they run out. In fact, each handset we, at Mobile Choice, review includes a part where we examine the battery life of that phone. Some are better than others but, with the increasing array of both visual interfaces and features such as video, extra stress will ultimately be placed upon the built-in battery. This is where Sony's development kicks in.


It was at the trendily monickered Fuel Cells 2008 show, says Gizmodo, which ended on the second of the month, that Sony declared a new ‘fuel system'. And that's what it is, an active fuel system that even features a pump. In conjunction with a Li-Polymer battery, the new system is based on methanol and will kick out up to 3W if required.


No release details have yet been announced.


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