Mobile Choice visitS Nokia?s Green Room

Nokia kindly invited Mobile Choice to a recording of its Channel 4 show, The Nokia Green Room. The show consists of live performances from a wide range of artists, while viewers also get to watch the performers backstage in the specially built green room. While in the green room, cameras record the acts interacting with each other, most of which have never met before, as well as capturing their personal requests that include everything from 'ladies' to 'shaved cats'.


Mobile Choice was given a guided tour around the Riverside Studios, standing stage side while the acts strutted their stuff. The show goes out on T4 every Saturday and Sunday, with free and exclusive content being made available after each show on the Nokia Music Store. While we got to see the likes of Miss Simpson perform today, you will have to tune in on Sunday 11 May, when you will also be able to catch one third of Destiny's Child in Kelly Rowland as well as the Guillemots.

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