Solar Charger for mobile phones - only £19.99

Devotec has released a new, small, lightweight mobile phone solar charger. Weighing in at just 80g, the charger can refill your phone twice before it requires to be recharged itself.


If you have access to sunlight, you can steadily fill the built-in 1800mAh battery via its included solar panel. However, failing that, you can also plug the unit into a nearby USB port or even plug the whole lot into a wall socket via the included 3-prong plug. Foreign users are also given an Extended Solar Charge pack which features plug-in adaptors.


The Solar Charge comes complete with a range of tip connectors to suit a range of mobile phones such as the Nokia [old], Nokia [new and N-series], Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Blackberry, mini-USB, Samsung, as well as a DC 5V for a Sony PSP consoles plus a range of digital cameras and, not forgetting, an iPod.


Available now, the solar charger can be purchased for £19.99


Click here for the Devotec website

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