Kickstart - Blackberry clamshell mobile phone spotted

RIM is planning to release a new clamshell mobile phone called Kickstart. Known more for their business approach to mobile phones - witness the Blackberry range of productivity-based handsets with a full keyboard - it has come as a surprise to see the first sighting of a clamshell design under the name of Kickstart.


A consumer oriented model, according to the Boy Genius Report website,  the new RIM clamshell design arrives with a SureType keyboard that looks like it has been designed specifically for clamshell use instead of being shoe-horned from another Blackberry design plus a Blackberry Pearl-type trackball, which you will already either love or hate, to aid navigation and an external LCD screen.


The new Kickstart is reported to include a camera. However, there are no details as to the camera's specifications or associated facilities. No price details have yet been mooted but a observers suggest that the handset will be released towards the year's end.


Click to read the Boy Genius Report website story


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