New Smart Touch mobile phone user interface from GSmart

GSmart's new Smart Touch mobile phone interface has just been released and will be utilised on its own PDA/phone handsets. Highly customisable, and reported to work in a similar fashion to the iPhone, you can add your 16 most frequently used applications as shortcuts on a standby screen.


Accrdoing the Slashphone website, launching the application involves tapping the icon. In order to use an icon as a shortcut, you just drag the required application icon to the activate icon. When you want to remove an icon from the shortcut list you just drag it to the trash bin icon. You can also add your own theme, colour and pictures to the background too.


The centre of the screen is used to display as much information as possible. So, for example, you can display two types of clock face by ‘swiping' to the left or right. However, for users who like the original interface, you can toggle between the new and old interfaces.


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