Samsung P690 digital TV mobile phone for UK release

Samsung is ready to launch a TV mobile phone into the UK market. The Samsung release announced, what it claims to be, the world's first slider handset capable of receiving DVB-H mobile digital TV signals. However, it will only perform that soon as DVB-H is actually up and running in the UK.


The UK, typically, is not making it easy to establish a televisual standard for mobile phones. T-Mobile and Orange, for example, are undertaking trials for a competing system known as MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) technology, which utilises existing 3G networks. An EU row to decide on a single system is promised for the near future.


But back to the Samung handset which, says Reghardware, is a little restricted by its 2.6in screen for TV viewing but it promises to be better than nothing. It does support HSDPA plus a 3MP camera. Samsung has yet to confirm a release date and a price.


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