Apple's iPhone mobile phone - to shrink?

Figures in the supply chain of the Apple iPhone are hinting that a smaller iPhone handset, weighing just 110-120gm, that's 38gms less than present, is in development.


The weight saving is said, by the Taiwan Economic News, to derive from the dumping of the aluminium magnesium shell and the adoption of a new, plastic, case. The new plastic case, says the rumours, will also mean a size decrease from 3.5in down to 2.8in.


But what about the 3G iPhone? The one with the larger case to accommodate the GPS receiver? Well, the word is that the iPhone will split, cell like, to target niche customers. To appeal to a range of different groups. The 3G handset, a top of the range model in fact, held in a larger case and the smaller model, an entry level version, in a plastic case. Then the present iPhone model would be a sort of interim.


Although, of course, you know what rumours are...


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