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ER Search is a new concept in search engines. Published by Evolution Robotics and Bandai Networks, the engine asks you to take a picture of any object you wish to be the subject of your search, said Business Wire: a book, DVD case, CD and so on. You then send the image to the search engine which returns an array of links related to that image such as music, books or movies you can purchase, related to the object or reviews or  information on the item. There is no text to type and no menus to wade through.


This means that you can stand next to a second-hand car you fancy buying, for example, take a picture of it, send it to ER Search and receive competitive prices for the car, an original review of the car, accessories you can purchase for it and related car service station addresses to take it for its MOT.


ER Search is already active in Japan on over 1 million phones. There is no information on UK access at the moment.


Click here for the Business Wire story


Click here for video demonstration


Click here for background on the technology

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