£10 disposable mobile phones on the way?

Typically, the Hop-On, disposable phones are sized at 112 x 46 x 17 mm and arrive with 3 hours of talk plus 240 hours of standby time and a 100 entry phone book plus a 90 location speed dial. They also arrive with an optional GPS module.


US-based mobile phone outfit, Hop-On already sells the handset in the USA for $50 each, which equates to around £25 a piece in the UK. However, the official website does say that, "This is our biggest opportunity to actually have Hop-On become a household name in the US and throughout Europe. No one sells a new 10 pounds Sterling GSM cell phone. This is a home run for Hop-on. We want to focus on the European and Middle East markets and then hire the personnel necessary to do it right in America!"


Whether this means that the European markets will receive a new, cut-down, model of the company's current disposable model or whether the current model will under-go a price decrease is not sure. No release dates were announced.


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