Early review of the LG KF700

After playing with the LG KF700 for a day, these are our first thoughts.


LG KF700: Look and feel

The LG KF700 is not a slimline handset, but it's fairly compact. In fact, it's a little shorter than the Nokia 6300 and just a touch wider.

The handset offers a full haptic touchscreen and a very roomy slide out keypad  and the phone looks great whether open or closed.

The phone features a very smooth sliding mechanism and it feels perfectly weighted and very balanced in the hand.

Due to the fact that the display dominated the entire fascia, touchscreen phones tend to look fairly similar, but, with its glossy black finish, the KF700 possesses a minimalist charm. It's easier to distinguish the phone from other touchscreen handsets when the distinctive carousel menu is activated. This is the menu that can be controlled using the jog wheel on the left hand side of the handset.

All in all, the KF700 has been very well put together and even the jog dial (a feature which can occasionally look a little awkward) has its aesthetic merits.


LG KF700: Ease of use

Whereas the LG KF600 offered a split screen where only the bottom segment was touch sensitive, the entire display of the KF700 is touch sensitive. As a result, you simply touch an icon or menu on any part of the screen to activate it. The touchscreen features haptic technology, so it vibrates when you touch it, giving users that essential feedback and responsiveness that early touchscreen phones didn't offer.

During the start up process, LG requires users to calibrate the phone by touching little targets with your fingertip when they pop up. Calibration obviously works because we had no problems pressing the wrong menu option.

For dialling phone numbers and sending texts, the KF700 offers the slide out keypad, which is very sensible. There's also a carousel menu which is navigated via a side-mounted jog dial and can be personalised to suit.

As for the user interface, the KF700 adopts a tab-style main menu system which works a little like a filing cabinet with divider tabs. There are four tab based icons running down the right hand side of the screen. Click on each one and you'll be presented with a themed set of icon-based menu options. It's cleverly thought out and simple to get to grips with.


LG KF700: Features

Whereas the LG Viewty, for example is one of LG's platinum series handsets, the KF700 resides in the gold series portfolio, so you get a very good rather than a super spec.

It should suit most people's needs though, with a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus, HSDPA mobile broadband data speeds, a good multi-format music player and a microSD card slot all on board. Plus, of course, you get the full touchscreen, so it's a very solid all-rounder.


LG KF700: Performance

The LG KF700 is one of those phones that just seems to do everything very well. Touchscreen user interfaces are notoriously dodgy, but because the KF700 offers users multiple means of navigation, that's not a problem here.
Web browsing is enjoyable thanks to nippy browsing speeds and a large display and it's difficult to find fault with the music player.

In addition, the camera possesses pretty nippy processing speeds and some very useful photo assist functionality like image stabiliser and auto focus.

Maybe we'll find some more niggles as we test the phone more extensively over the next few weeks, but it seems a very solid performer.


LG KF700: Battery life

LG is yet to furnish us with stats for this and we've only had the phone for a day. However, we've been using the phone pretty rigorously and the battery strength still looks good, but we'll give you more information in our full review.


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