O2 launching mobile broadband dongle

O2 says that its Mobile Broadband dongle will connect customers to the web via GPRS, EDGE, 3G and HSDPA or via the 7500 hot spots available through The Cloud.

O2's dongle features a colour-coded LED panel which indicates which network is being used.


However, there is a big question mark over whether O2 will be able to offer users the mobile browsing speeds over mobile broadband that 3, Vodafone and T-Mobile customers can enjoy. According to operator figures, 3 has a maximum data speed of 3.6Mbps, Vodafone offers 7.2Mbps, while O2's is just 1.3Mbps.
Meanwhile, Ofcom has given O2 a deadline of June to improve its 3G coverage or receive a £40 million fine.


O2's Mobile Broadband package and prices

One of the perks of the O2 Mobile Broadband deal is that it throws in Wi-Fi as part of the package. Users will get 3Gb of data from the mobile network plus unlimited Wi-Fi access in the UK.

Users can either choose the 18-month contract package for £20 a month, which includes a USB modem free of charge, or you can choose the rolling one-month package, which also costs £20 a month, but the dongle will cost you £119.99.

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