Vuzix launches video goggles for mobile movies

The Vuzix iWear movie goggles, which have been launched exclusively with 3, connect to video-out enabled mobile handsets and give the user the impression that they are watching a movie or playing a game on a bumper 62 ins screen.


Vuzix iWear connects to any device capabkle of playing video, from a mobile phone to a camcorder, and a tiny hi-tech display inside the glasses create a virtual screen that gives the impression of a huge plasma TV with stereo speakers.


The iWear looks like a pair of space age specs, so you may feel a bit of a plonker wearing them on public transport, but try them out and the experience may win you over. Mobile Choice has experienced the iWear first hand and it's a clever bit of technology.


If you fancy buying yourself a pait of these video goggles, go to a 3 store or click on this link to 3's accessories website.

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