Make a call and jam everyone else's phone

We've seen them before, but possibly not quite as innocently dressed. Basically, the device prevents handsets from contacting their related towers, cutting off the signals and preventing anyone making a mobile phone call or cutting off a mobile phone in mid-flow, in your immediate vicinity. You jam the signal whilst looking like you're making a call of your own.


Unlike similar devices, this unit only uses 100mW of power - competing units throw out a rather alarming 900mW of energy. When you turn off the device, all services are, once again, restored.


Is it morally correct to use such a device? Is it morally right to broadcast your private business into everyone's ear within a 30 foot radius? Should teachers use them in examination rooms to prevent unscrupulous students and their nefarious ways? Let's just say that it's a debating point.


Costing $240 and available from the USA, it should work in the UK without problem as it handles UK voltage rates.


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