O2 squeezes 3G data speeds

O2 is in trouble again. After receiving criticism for its tardiness in rolling out 3G, it has now received criticism regarding its apparent two-tiered, and less than up-front, approach to its 3G customers.


O2 has, in fact, admitted that most of its 3G customers will only be receiving a 128kbps 3G data line instead of the full speed 384kbps line that 3G customers expect. However, if you are on a tariff, paying £35 per month or more, you apparently can increase your speed to the full data rate. Contact O2 to upgrade.


Apple iPhone users must be smiling, however. It's inferior, EDGE-only, data interface is currently performing faster than many O2 3G users. On the other hand, what is O2 going to do when the 3G version of iPhone appears on the market?


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