3 intend to play dirty with VoIP and IM

3 might not be the largest phone operator in the UK but maybe that's why the company has decided to attack the VoIP and the Instant Messaging market with a-gusto.


"Email, VoIP, instant messaging - these are areas we will push hard," said CEO, Kevin Russell. "You can go down the music or TV paths but my personal view is that you have to simplify the focus of your business to get it right."


3, whose phone coverage has increased after a deal signed with T-Mobile and whose mobile broadband speed will be upped to 7.2Mbps later in 2008, has decided to attack the very markets its competitors have thus far shied away from. Principally because the majority of the market believes that VoIP and IM will hog the network capacity as well as drain away lucrative call and text-based revenue.

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