Mobile spectrum auction - the big one

Brace yourself, the 2010-2025MHz and 2500-2690MHz bands are up for sale. Don't ring a bell? This is the spectrum that will be used for all mobile broadband and Wi-Fi services will utiulise in the future - including services such as WiMAX and 3G.


Ofcom is to set up the auction in the summer of this year and it promises to be the biggest sale, of its kind, of all time. The winners will be able to utilise the secured spectrum for themselves or, alternatively, trade their license for their portion of the spctrum, with other companies.


Philip Rutnam, Ofcom's partner in charge of spectrum policy, said, "The release of the 2.6 GHz radio spectrum will create opportunities for fresh innovation, new services and competition for the benefit of consumers in the UK."


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