Beware - counterfeit mobile phones!

Mobile Choice was tipped off that counterfeit Nokias were entering the UK market when our sister website Mobile Today was sent a fake Nokia N95 8GB by a mobile dealer who had spotted the phone was a fake.

At the moment, only a few phone copies have been discovered in the UK but many more are on the way, says Mobile Today.


Combating the trade in counterfeit phones is already a full-time job for the major manufacturers. In South Korea, Samsung has identified 88 different types of fake phones, imported from in China. However, in many of these cases they include obvious spelling mistakes on the casing, such as ‘Samsong' and ‘Samsumg'.


However, the offending UK imports exhibit few obvious signs that they are fakes - especially to the casual user. If you're worried about buying a fake phone remember: buy from a reputable source - view cheap handsets offered on eBay with caution and if you see an expensive phone offered for sale at a very low cost, ask yourself why.


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