Deal Of The Day - Samsung J700 - Free iPod Classic 80Gb

If you ever wanted to grab a free, top-of-the-line, new generation iPod, here's your chance. This model is the 80Gb version which, in may respects, is the best version you can buy on the market. The larger, 160Gb model, does have a tendency to pause when switching between the two internal 80Gb hard disks, for example. You also get £165 which, if used properly, will go to reduce your general contract costs. You can arrange to have 11 of your 18 months line rental, fixed at half price, for example.



  • Handset name: Samsung J700 
  • Supplier: Dial-A-Phone
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: O2 400  
  • Free call minutes: 400
  • Free Texts: 500
  • Rental/month: £30
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: Free Apple iPod Classic 80Gb; £165 Cashback 

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