New technologies - Super 3G and phone-based biochips

Japanese mobile phone service provider, DoCoMo, has recently been testing a range of new technologies that may eventually reach UK shores. Two have particularly taken the eye. The first, known as Long Term Evolution or, as the company itself prefers to call it, Super 3G, has reached data transfer rates of 250Mbps on the downlink. DoCoMo says it's looking for a 2010 release of Super 3G.


Also, the provider has been working on biochip research, basically a form of communication on a molecular level. A company source revealed that, "DoCoMo aims to develop systems that could transmit information about the biochemical conditions of living organisms, such as excitement, emotion, stress or disease."


The upshot could result in the creation of a biochemical scanner or a small biochip, fitted into a mobile phone, that would be useful for medical use. The biochip could generate data and send it to medical specialists using Wi-Fi.


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