EU backs DVB-H technology for mobile TV

Vivien Reding has backed DVB-H technology because she argues that for mobile TV to succeed in Europe, the market needs a standardized technology.

Reding said: 'The next steps for implementing the EU strategy on mobile broadcasting will include guidance on the authorization regimes as well as the promotion of rights management systems based, as is DVB-H, on open standards.'

The EU's support for DVB-H in the UHF band brings problems in the UK, where this part of the spectrum is currently occupied by analogue TV, and will not be free until the analogue switch off, scheduled for 2012.

Her announcement comes a month after T-Mobile and Orange announced they were trialing mobile TV using TDtv technology.

However, Reding's endorsement of DVB-H technology doesn't preclude member states from using other technology for mobile TV transmissions.

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