Deal Of The Day - Motorola U9 Purple - Multiple Offers!

Well, if any contract offer was a minefield for the undecided, this is it. An unprecedented array of free offers is laid at your feet with this deal. The free line rental is the best value option in that it will ultimately save you a whopping £350 over the term of the contract. However, be aware that the auto-cashback only takes an industry leading 14 days to be sent to you - which is worth serious consideration. Then there's all the other goodies to think about. Choices, choices...

  • Handset name: Motorola U9
  • Supplier:
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: O2 600
  • Free call minutes: 600
  • Free Texts: 500 
  • Rental/month: 10 months free, then 8 months at £35 (if you take the line rental offer)
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: £200 auto-cashback or 10 months line rental free or Free 4Gb iPod or Free Nintendo DS Lite or Free Nintendo Wii or Free Tom Tom One or Free Xbox 360 Arcade.  

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Look and feel

While the PEBL is finished in a sober matt black, rubberised finish, the flamboyant pink and purple metallic options available for the U9 should attract a real female following.



The real stand-out feature is the OLED display which sits beneath the glossy surface of the phone's fascia and offers touch-screen controls for the U9's music player while the clamshell is shut.



We've no complaints here, although, if you've ever used HSDPA or 3G, you'll find internet browsing with EDGE sluggish.


Ease of use

It looks as though Motorola has finally shrugged off its reputation for fiddly phones. It may not be quite as simple as a Nokia Series 40, but it's not half bad.


Battery life

One word - excellent.


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