Get in shape with Samsung?s miCoach Phone

Equipped with a stride sensor and heart rate monitor, the Samsung miCoach phone collects and analyses your personal data, providing a unique customised training plan based on your fitness levels and specific goals. With its built-in music player, users can tailor their music to fit in with their workout, arranging songs according to tempo to give you that added motivational push.


The miCoach phone is fitted with a personal coach who advises runners to 'speed up to power zone', or tells them that 'fifteen minutes is completed'. The phone also provides training tips and time updates, while the two-inch LCD screen shows a real-time visual display of time, heart rate, distance, speed and calories burned.


Other features include a 14.5mm compact slider design, two-megapixel camera and 1GB memory capacity. Available from mid-March, consumers can choose from a standard package (miCoach phone, armband, stride sensor and heart rate monitor) or the essential package (miCoach phone and armband only), while the handset itself is available in seven colours; Dark grey, tech silver, pink red, cool grey, sapphire blue, misty blue and sweet pink.

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