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There's no escaping the fact that we live in a fashion conscious world. Be it the tightness of your jeans, hairstyle or even your postcode, our fashion credentials are scrutinised daily. With the mobile phone industry having cottoned on to this fact, we're seeing an influx of designer mobile phones. Samsung has teamed up with Italian fashion giants Giorgio Armani to produce what they say will be the first of many collaborations together.


The handset itself is the size of a credit card and it's fair to say that you'll need your limit to afford this phone (although it is available for free on contract). Yet as with all things Armani this is partly the point, a means of announcing that you are part of the well-to-do club. At a mere 85g, the Samsung Armani fits snugly in the palm of your hand and with its glossy black fascia, 2.6-inch TFT screen and copper back, Samsung has achieved its main aim, a truly gorgeous handset. Think of a scaled down more attractive LG Viewty - no ugly duckling itself.


The centrepiece of the Samsung Armani is its touch-screen that takes up the near entirety of the phones front. The only buttons are the call and call end buttons found just below the screen, the volume key on the left hand side and the quick camera key and hold button (hold this to lock and unlock the phone) found on the right of the handset. Thankfully Samsung has included haptic response, first seen on the LG Viewty. This means that when you press a key on the screen you will feel a slight vibration under your fingertip to acknowledge your command.


Mobile Choice will be bringing you the full review of the Samsung Armani very soon.

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