Deal Of The Day ? Sony Ericsson W580i ? Cut Price

Packed with both Walkman and fitness applications, the W580i is also the subject of an attractive new deal from PhoneSpot which relies on O2's most balanced tariff that provides the average phone user with all the phone minutes and texts required on a month by month basis. The line rental savings, however, saves you a very healthy £272 over the life of the contract.


  • Handset name: Sony Ericsson W580i
  • Supplier: PhoneSpot  
  • Free handset: Free
  • Contract name: O2 600
  • Free call minutes: 600
  • Free Texts: 500
  • Rental/month: £19.88 
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: £19.88 for the contract life


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Look and feel

The slider action is reassuringly sturdy and it opens with a snap to reveal what looks to be a cramped keypad.



With the built-in pedometer, runners can track distance, average speed and time while the monitor is on default to automatically count your walking steps.



The W580i harbours a standard mid-range two-megapixel snapper, woefully deprived of autofocus, Macro focus for close-ups, and any type of flash.


Ease of use

A very easy to use phone and the Walkman player is fun. The five-way navigation pad controls the player when in Walkman mode.


Battery life

The Walkman W580i is another juice-tastic handset from Sony Ericsson.


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