Alloy showcases Couple-IT mobile handset concept

The current vogue in mobile land is for handset manufacturers to cram every conceivable mobile feature and technology into one ultimate handset. The upshot being that compromises in performance and size are inevitably made.


Alloy has taken a step back from this rationale and opted for the seamless synchronisation of two different devices with its latest mobile concept. Couple-IT consists of a pocketable mobile phone that feeds off a mobile network and a second ultra portable laptop-esque smartphone device (think HTC Shift for a close comparison.)


Both devices use identical twin SIM cards and software and are designed to link and synchronise data, contact details, calendar, owned content, bookmarks and digital license permissions. This means no matter what device your on-the-hop situation demands, you will have access to all your data and personal information and not some diluted version.


Where most mobile concepts are crackpot flights of fancy, Alloy's refreshing creative seems to have a more sober and well thought out premise.

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