Disney launches five new mobile games

Lego Bionicle Defenders sees you enter a Lego built hostile undersea environment as you battle through 16 levels in search of the Mask of Life. Available from 4 March, Lego fans of all ages should enjoy this mobile game.


Disney's PK - Phantom Duck, is a platform game that sees you guiding Donald Duck through various puzzle challenges, while there are also wallpapers, screensavers and themes available to add to the experience.


Disney Bonus Selection is two games in one. Donald Duck's Quest Deluxe allows you to choose a character from Donald, Uncle Scrooge, Dewey, Huey or Louie before trying to stop the evil Magica de Spell's plan to steal Scrooge's Dime Number One. The second game, Duckburg, sees Donald Duck as a rookie cop trying to keep traffic moving smoothly through busy streets. Your job is to guide Donald through 15 promotion levels to become best traffic officer, while rival rookie cop and cousin Gladstone, tries to stop you.


Finally, Walt Disney Internet Group will be releasing the second game in its Narnia series, Narnia Prince Caspian. The game finds the children from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe return to Narnia a year after their adventures to find the land is now under the control of an evil King. The game sees you try to restore Narnia back to peace and harmony. Released in May, Prince Caspian wallpaper, ringtones, realtones, theme and screensavers will also be available.

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