LG covers bases with touch-screen KF700

If you love the look of touch-screen phones, but prefer the control offered by a conventional mechanised keypad or a jog wheel, LG has all three options covered with the new KF700, announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


LG claims the KF700 is the world's first phone to offer three input methods, so users can choose which option - touch-screen, jog dial or keypad - suits them th best.

The three-inch touch-screen display lets users navigate through menu options with a swipe of the finger, much like the operation of the HTC Touch and the Apple iPhone. A shortcut dial on the back of the phone lets you scroll through six user selected features by controlling a virtual dial on screen. The shortcut dial can also be used to scroll through web pages and emails. Meanwhile, the traditional alpha numeric keypad is included for the more traditional mobile practise of making calls and sending texts.


Other features on the LG KF700 include HSDPA data speeds, a full web browser, video calling, an MP3 music player, an MPEG4 video player and a 3.2-megapixel camera.

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