Deal Of The Day - Nokia 6500 Slide - Now In Black!

Yesterday, we alerted you to a rather nice 3 deal which offered an up-front line rental discount. However, there are plenty of attractive handsets out there which 3 fails to stock. For line rental discount fans who would like to grab the new 6500 Slide variation in its rather natty black finish, the auto-cashback feature is a viable alternative. Carphone Warehouse is offering a great auto-cashback discount deal of £150. In this case, you receive the full amount, in your hand, after 60 days (better than most of the competition, who offer 90 days) which, if you're prudent and you stick in the bank, can provide you with over 4 months free line rental or, of course, 8 months half price line rental - whilst earning you interest in the bargain.



  • Handset name: Nokia 6500 Slide 
  • Supplier:Carphone Warehouse 
  • Free handset?: Free
  • Contract name: Racoon 35 
  • Free call minutes: 700
  • Free Texts: 100 
  • Rental/month: £15
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: Unlimited off-peak landline calls & £150 auto-cashback 


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Look and feel

One of those rare phones that actually looks better in the flesh than in photos. We love the brushed metal finish and black trim. It is a beautifully constructed handset.


Ease of use

Although the phone is powered by the Nokia Series 40 operating system (the same OS as you'll find on the 6300), the homescreen looks more like a version you'd find on a smartphone.



Bboasts a very strong feature set for a mid range phone, with a very capable 3.2 megapixel camera and 3G data speeds.



The 6500 Slide is a very strong all-rounder that's difficult to fault.


Battery life

We were using the phone solidly for two days before the battery life needed topping up, which is fine.



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