Nokia poised to open its London flagship store

According to Nokia, the store will be split into three 'intuitive zones' supported by specially trained staff. A Product Zone will feature Nokia's live product portfolio consisting of Nokia's newest devices, while a Solutions Zone will showcase the latest in music, video, imaging, gaming and mobile office capabilities.


Once consumers have seen and interacted with the latest Nokia products, they'll then be able to spend time in the Support Zone where they'll be able to set up their new device, check out service provider options and check out available accessories.

Each Nokia handset will be connected to the internet and paired with accessories like stereo speakers, headsets, LCD screens, photo printers and laptops as a demonstration. 


The Nokia Flagship store will also house Nokia's luxury range of Vertu phones in a separate swanky lounge area decked out in marble, back painted glass and stainless steel.

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