Samsung backs the Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The first of Samsung Mobile's fundraising events will be a fun run in Battersea Park on 28 February, which will be followed by a Samsung product gala dinner and charity auction. The fun run is a prelude to Samsung Mobile VP Mark Mitchinson taking part in the Flora London Marathon on behalf of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


Mark Mitchinson, VP of Samsung Mobile, said: "I chose the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as my 2008 charity because of my colleague and friend General Manager of Service, Richard McGowan. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, I told him I wanted to do what I could to help in terms of fundraising. Typically, rather than think of himself, he asked if we would consider supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Trust as his 11 year-old daughter suffers from the disease. Richard's courage and selflessness has not only inspired me to train for the London Marathon again, but to make sure as many people as possible are aware of my fundraising efforts and such a debilitating disease, through the website


  • The Cystic Fibrosis Trust is the UK's only national charity dealing with all aspects of Cystic Fibrosis (CF).  It funds research to treat and cure CF and aims to ensure appropriate clinical care and support for people with Cystic Fibrosis.
  • Cystic Fibrosis (CF) is the UK's most common life-threatening inherited disease.  Cystic Fibrosis is caused by a single defective gene.  As a result, the internal organs, especially the lungs and digestive system, become clogged with thick sticky mucus resulting in chronic infections and inflammation in the lungs and difficulty digesting food.
  • Each week five babies are born with Cystic Fibrosis and three young people die - 90% from lung damage.  Average life expectancy is just 31, although improvements in treatments mean a baby born today is expected to live longer.
  • Further information can be found on our website Help and advice for those affected by Cystic Fibrosis is available through our Helpline on 0845 859 1000. For further information, media should contact Gemma Foy on 0208 290 7912 or email

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