IP network offers cut price roaming

Velofone's SIM free service will provide both free and significantly reduced international calls when subscribers with Wi-Fi enabled phones are within range of one of 60,000 international Wi-Fi hotspots. For £4.99 per month, the Velofone Home service allows customers to use their phone via their Wi-Fi network at home or the office. To use the service internationally, the Velofone Roamer package costs an additional ten pounds at £14.99 per month.

The service automatically recognises when you are in range of a hotspot, subsequently connecting to the Velofone IP network. This enables free calls to other Velofone users, free mobile broadband and significantly reduced call charges to non-Velofone subscribers. Once out of a hotspot, the handset will revert to making calls on a normal charging tariff.

Currently only available on the Nokia E61i, Nokia E65 and HTC S620, subscribers can simply insert their existing SIM card into one of these pre-configured devices without any need to change their current contract.

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