Deal Of The Day - Sony Ericsson S500i - Cut Price Contract

Considering that this is a recently released handset, this is a startling deal. If you are short of cash, tightening your budget or just don't feel that you need or even wish to spend a lot on your next mobile phone contract, consider this offer. For average to light phone users, this classic, flexible deal gives you £145 cashback, by redemption. Used wisely, you can reduce your line rental to just over £13 per month - over only 12 months.

  • Handset name: Sony Ericsson S500i 
  • Supplier: Dial-A-Phone
  • Free handset?: Free
  • Contract name: Flext 25
  • Free call minutes: 150... 
  • Free Texts: or 300 (or a mix of the 2) 
  • Rental/month: £13.33 (average, after cashback - down from £25)
  • Contract: 12 months
  • Offers: £145 cashback

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(Wait for the window to open, then scroll to the bottom of the screen to find the deal)

Look and feel

It's lightweight and compact with a slick slider but is let down by a 'plasticky' feel.

Ease of use

Sony Ericsson's neat icon-based user interface makes this phone simple to use. However, the keypad is a little cramped.


Offers a 2 megapixel camera, built-in music player and expandable memory via a MemoryStick Micro card.


The camera worked well in a good light but struggled under harsher conditions.

Battery life

As with all Sony Ericsson handsets, the S500i has a sound battery and 540 mins is an impressive talktime.

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