SlingPlayer Mobile brings home TV to the BlackBerry

SlingPlayer Mobile is a phone application that lets smartphone owners watch their home TV on an internet connected phone. In addition to the SlingPlayer Mobile application, which costs £20, you will first need to buy a Slingbox; a digi-box sized device that connects to your home TV.

Once SlingPlayer Media is set up on your phone, you will be able to connect via the internet to any programmes broadcast on your home TV. According to Sling Media, SlingPlayer Mobile does not require a monthly fee or recurring charges, although your operator will charge a data connection fee.

Following the CES trial, SlingPlayer Mobile will be available for the BlackBerry later this year, but this is not the first mobile to offer the Sling service. 3's X-series phones, which launched in 2006, were also compatible with Slingbox and the operator offered packages with a Slingbox included.

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