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Satellite navigation is becoming an increasingly integral part of high-end mobile phones with built-in GPS. Yet, in truth, few of these mobiles have got sat nav quite right yet. A better bet may still be to go for a specialist sat nav package that works in conjunction with your handset.

The Carphone Warehouse has introduced MyMobileSatNav, a small GPS receiver that connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. With precise routing, clear voice instructions and scalable maps, MyMobileSatNav is designed not just for car drivers, but also cyclists and pedestrians. The device itself is impressively slim at only 12mm making it easily portable in a bag or even trouser pocket - though bearing in mind you will also have your mobile phone, a bag might be preferable. The black and white colouring gives the device a basic yet elegant look and the detachable magnetic pad means the device can easily be attached and detached from the cars dashboard.

MyMobileSatNav claim to work on most Java-based mobile phones and is compatible with over 80 per cent of the top-20 selling phones in the UK, including the latest offerings from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Motorola. However, we would suggest verifying your phones compatibility before purchasing the device.

Feature-wise and the device boasts a host of functions. Speed enthusiasts will be pleased to find safety camera alerts, along with traffic congestion routing. MyMobileSatNav is not restricted to use in the UK either, with information on European maps, traffic and speed cameras all coming as part of the standard package. Also included is an in-car charger that can be used for onboard charging.

Destinations can be accessed by entering a full postcode, with the software using real-time mapping across the UK and Europe to download your journey, with a ten mile corridor either side of the route in case you take a wrong turn. What's more, if a connection or signal is lost, MyMobileSatNav retains the position and directions until the GPS signal is once again located.

MyMobileSatNav starter pack is available from The Carphone Warehouse for £39.99, which includes one month's unlimited UK use. After one month customers can download unlimited journeys for £4.99 a month, or alternatively they can download individual routes for 79p.

MyMobileSatNav offers a tempting alternative to the built-in GPS mobile phone. You may be left with two devices as opposed to one, but with its full array of features and quick GPS signal locking, this Bluetooth sat nav is well worth a look.

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