Deal of the day - Nokia 6300 - Free Sony Playstation 3

The only reason you're going to go for this deal is to grab a PS3 and it's the 60Gb model you want - *not* the 40Gb model offered with Dial-A-Phone's other deals. This version provides proper PS2 emulation. In fact, the 60Gb version is even better than the forthcoming 80Gb PS3 - that only provides PS2 emulation via software, the 60Gb version features emulation via hardware. The cheapest current stand-a-lone deal for a PS3 60Gb is £350, so you're saving almost £200 here. Couple that with a solid handset and well balanced contract and you've got a good deal.

  • Handset name: Nokia 6300
  • Supplier: Dial-A-Phone
  • Free handset?: £159.99
  • Contract name: Dolphin 35
  • Free call minutes: 600
  • Free Texts: 500
  • Rental/month: £35
  • Contract: 18 months
  • Offers: Free Sony PlayStation 3 (60Gb); Free 128Mb memory card

Click here for the deal

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