Bluetrek unveils first touch sensitive Bluetooth headset

The Bluetrek SENSE is the manufacturer's first headset to use touch sensitive technology. Users can make and answer calls by simply stroking the device's interface. Weighing a mere eight grams, the SENSE also has built in Voice Alert that allows you to confirm your choice of function, be it connecting or disconnecting your headset, redialling your last number, rejecting a call or contacting your favourite numbers. With a black mirror-like finish, the SENSE can be worn with or without the slim line ear hook.

Circular in design, Bluetrek's UFO (Undeniably Fashionable Object) has a talktime of up to six hours and with a diameter of only 3.3cm it can easily be stored away. The Bluetrek UFO, like the SENSE, boasts built-in Voice Alert. What's more users can save two numbers that can be called at the touch of a button.

Available in three colours: Diamond, Black Diamond and Black Chrome or a mix of the three, the stylish Bluetrek Sugar headset can be worn as a necklace and pendant. The Sugar is also fitted with the built-in Voice Alert technology and two pre-registered numbers option.

Both the Bluetrek UFO and Sugar are available now, with the Bluetrek SENSE scheduled to start shipping early 2008. The Bluetrek SENSE and UFO will retail for £49.99 and the Bluetrek Sugar for £39.99.

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