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Pop along to the Mobile Choice blog and you'll get the lowdown on our recent trip to sunny Mallorca where we witnessed BenQ-Siemens launch three new handsets - SL91, E71 and E81. The emphasis was heavily on the design with the 3G-slider, the SL91, stealing the limelight.

The newest member of the famous SL family, this handset is BenQ-Siemens version of the Chocolate phone, flaunting touch-keys on front fascia, a palm-friendly rounded chassis and a mighty 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus. This luxury-billed handset also boasts a 16-million colour, QVGA display, built-in music player and microSD card slot. More interestingly, the SL91 comes with a striking desk cradle that encompasses the phones design and acts a PC synchronisation hub, charging station and has an integrated microphone for hand-free calling and speakers to pump out the music. It also alerts you to messages and events with different coloured lights and pulses. The SL91 will hit the shops latter in the year.

The E71 is another design curio, taking its inspiration from water. With a glistening silver finish, this EDGE compatible handset has a rippled keypad effect and is coated in an innovative non-stick finish that's impervious to finger marks and smears. The E71 offers a 1.3-megapixel camera lens, QVGA-quality display, AAC and MP3 spinning music player and a microSD card slot for memory expansion. The phone will be available from next month.

Last is the 3G-enabled E81, a more business inspired handset that offers solid mid-range feature set including a 1.3-megapixel camera, 176x220 pixel resolution screen, a microSD card slot and Bluetooth. This will also be available in September.

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