The digital photo frame that receives MMS

With a built-in SIM card and dedicated call number, users can send photos via MMS direct to the PARROT DF7700, with any network, from anywhere. You could be in Thailand and still beam your photos instantly to a photo frame back in the UK.

The PARROT DF7700 can store over 500 snaps in its internal memory and also has a USB connection and an SD card slot, meaning photos can also be transferred from a PC or digital camera. Photos can be programmed to appear in random or in a designated order.

The frame boasts a seven-inch digital TFT LCD screen and automatically adjusts the size of the picture to fit the size of the screen. In addition, it's fitted with both a position sensor and a light sensor. The position sensor detects the orientation of the frame and automatically rotates the photos be it in portrait or landscape mode to match the chosen position. The light sensor adjusts the brightness of the frame in relation to the amount of light in the room. It even switches itself off when there is no light at all.

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