T-Mobile launches new MyFaves tariff

It's not often we get excited by a new tariff, but T-Mobile's MyFaves looks like a great deal if the majority of your calls are to the same group of people.

Customers who sign up to MyFaves get unlimited calls, texts and picture messages to their five favourite contacts. What's more, you can change your faves every month - handy if you're fickle with friends and relationships.

At launch, there will be five phones available on the MyFaves contracts - the Samsung U600, Samsung D900i, Nokia 6300, Sony Ericsson K770i and Sony Ericsson W880i. Each handset comes with a bespoke user interface that lets you connect directly with your five fave numbers. Each fave contact is represented by either a photo or an icon,. It's also possible to hide these if you don't want to see who's on your favourites list.

There are three MyFaves contracts on offer, each of which is an 18-month deal and each with unlimited calls, texts and MMS to five numbers. However, the more you pay each month, the more inclusive stuff you get for calling the other numbers in your contacts list. For example:

My Faves 25 costs £25 and gives users 25 mins/50 texts to all numbers outside your favourites list.

MyFaves 35 costs £35 and gives users 100 mins/200 texts to all numbers outside your favourites list.

MyFaves 45 costs £45 and gives users 200 mins/400 texts to all numbers outside your favourites list.

Once you've used up your inclusive allowance, calls cost 30p, texts cost 12p and MMS cost 20p.


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