Devicescape launches Wi-fi download service

The software is free and will allow handsets to automatically connect to Wi-Fi without having to open a browser and enter user names and passwords. Devicescape can also be downloaded from and once acquired will enable the user to connect to any supported network within range.

Supported by more than 300 public networks including the likes of T-Mobile, British Telecom, The Cloud and Orange, Devicescape works at hundreds of thousands of hotspots worldwide. Devicescape also allows the user to add more hotspots and networks including personal ones only available to selected friends and family, thus expanding their Wi-Fi coverage.

Although free, some Wi-Fi networks require a paid subscription. Devicescape will automatically choose price over performance when selecting the best network to use, although you can change these settings if you'd rather the faster yet more expensive connection.

Devicescape is now available to Nokia N95 handsets through the "Easy Wi-Fi" feature in the Download! application and on the Nokia Tablet through the Tableteer folder. Devicescape and Nokia also plan to embed other Nokia devices with the software in the near future.

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