Samsung and Bang and Olufsen Serenata: First review

Although our full, more detailed review will follow shortly, we thought it was only fair to share our first impressions of this striking new handset.

Billed as a personalised high-end music device with additional phone capabilities, the sound quality is immense. With built-in hi-fi speakers and a bass system that you can literally feel through your fingers, the sound quality is so good that you could be listening to your living room sound system rather than a mobile device.

The Serenata's design is equally striking. Apparently inspired by the smooth curves of pebbles found in the ocean, the navigation is controlled by the click-wheel that works in much the same way as an iPod. Four hard keys surround the wheel that include the send; back; end; and cancel buttons. At the top of the 2.4-inch screen are the 'music' and 'more' functions that can be accessed through touchscreen. These two options take you into all the Serenata's capabilities such as the music player and all of the phone functions.

Early impressions of the click-wheel are that texting will certainly take some getting used to. The lack of camera is hard to ignore and sliding the speaker open is somewhat on the stiff side. Yet once open all is forgotten as the quality of sound leaves you breathless.

Available in the UK exclusively to Vodafone as of November, be sure to watch this space for a more detailed review of the Serenata.

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