Sagem my850v Crystal: the verdict

Just like the music player, the two megapixel snapper is rudimentary, shooting in a 1600x1200 pixel resolution and offering a self-timer, a handful of effects (grey scale, sepia, negative and solarization) and 5x digital zoom. Picture quality is a bit shabby with images blighted with posterized hotspots and over exposure. It's good enough for wallpapering and MMS but not for printing.

You can make a video call over a 3G connection via the internal VGA camera and just like previous 3G video callers, the image quality is adequate but your mug suffers terribly from digital drag and pixalation. Elsewhere you're privy to Vodafone's 3G services including RadioDJ, Mobile T, Google Maps and its new internet service and all seem to work well enough. There's also an eBay Java app that makes browsing and managing your account a comfortable experience while also embedded are try-before-you-buy game demos including, Midnight Bowling 3D, Asphalt 3 3D Street Rules, 3D Worms, LEGO Star Wars and Midnight Hold'em Poker 3D.


For a contract phone you would at least expect a pair of stereo headphones and USB cable to be supplied, but alas the box was bare. The Sagem my850v's slinky design and decent 3G phone features are let down by this half-arsed package that's bereft of the basic accessories to get the music player pumping.

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