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For a mid-range 3G phone the my850v makes all the right feature noises - two-megapixel camera, built-in music player, support for Stereo Bluetooth - but is severely let down by a pretty under furnished box contents. For a phone that's primed for mobile music playback, you're not supplied with any earphones, microSD card for storage, USB cable to transfer your music files or a software disc. In fact at this rate you'll be playing the embedded ringtones through the loudspeakers! We suspect its Vodafone's way of forcing you to download songs from its Live! Portal but you will have to purchase the relevant accessories from to get started.

For our test we got hold of a USB cable and my850v owners also have the option to download the WellPhone XT software. Transferring your existing digital library involves a drag and drop technique or you can select 'add file' and find the tracks saved in your hard drive while a 4MB file takes about one and a half minutes over a USB connection. Along with your tunes, you can also manage your contacts, calendar and other multimedia content via this easy-to-use software.

The music player itself is pretty basic with only repeat, shuffle and playlist creation modes and you can access your music via the standard menu options of tracks, playlists, artists and albums. However, with no headphones it was difficult to test its audio performance over the phone's speakers - which for the record are quite decent. The front display does scroll the title of the song and artist and you can control the player from the front via the three touch keys (play/pause/skip tracks) with the phone shut.

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