Samsung G600: the verdict

The five megapixel snapper is obviously the big draw here but the G600 still arrives with some sweet features including a music player, support for Stereo Bluetooh, built-in FM radio with a record option and new look web broswer.

Musical movements

So music duties is handled by the built-in player that spins MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA formats, including DRM-encoded WMA files. It's also fully featured enabling you to create playlists on the fly as well as dedicated space for podcast downloads. You can also access your songs by last played, recently played, most played, as well as the standard artists, genres, albums and composers.

Samsung kindly bundle a 1GB micro SD for storage but you will probably need a bigger capacity card for your music to share space with photos etc. The G600 also offers three ways of getting your music onto the handset, all via a USB cable connection to your PC. You can use the Samsung PC Studio software, Windows Media Player (helpful for transferring your CDs) or as a mass storage device by simply dragging and dropping your song files.

The music player's performance is strong, especially when we wirelessly hooked our pair of Bluetooth MOTOROKR S9 headphones, and the audio was bassy, very lively with good volume. A 12-setting equaliser is at your disposal should you need to tinker with the sound levels.

Radio rentals

An FM radio is also onboard but interestingly it lets you record clips from the wireless. The Fly Mobile SL600 slider we reviewed last month introduced this feature and is quite handy should you miss your favourite radio programme. Of course you must have the supplied earphone with the integrated aerial plugged in to record. It's also worth noting that the G600 can pair-up two Bluetooth headsets simultaneously.

Internet intelligent

Samsung has also improved its mobile internet surfing capabilities with the G600, still using the NetFront browser but enhancing the operation. All the full HTML web pages are fitted smartly onto the phone's small screen for easy reading and just like Nokia's MiniMap browsing technique, Samsung has devised the similar PagePilot. This basically displays the entire web page layout that you would see on your PC screen but allows you to select the parts you want to read. Also helping out with easier web navigation is the Virtual Pointer that works much like a mouse icon, making on page link selection more accurate. A Google Search bar has also been included in the main menu to easily kick-off those forays into the World Wide Web without firing up the browser.


The biggest mark against the G600 is the absence of 3G but because a quality five-megapixel snapper amazingly resides in such a dapper, sleek frame, all is forgiven. Samsung also hasn't skimped on the other features either, with a slick web browser and music player that blasts out a bold audio. Sure, it won't match the top dog N95 in terms of multimedia power and connectivity options but the pay off is you get a sharp shooter (in more ways than one) that's more friendly on the pocket.

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