Focus on Samsung G600: five megapixel camera

You would expect the five-megapixel camera lens quality would be compromised to indulge in Samsung's signature slender chassis but the Korean manufacturer has surprisingly managed maintain a high level performance. This snapper includes all the photo features you would demand at this level - autofocus and macro mode for close-ups - but unfortunately the flash doesn't match the Xenon variety seen in Sony Ericsson's K800i and K810i Cyber-shot models. Instead you get the next best thing, a Power LED that illuminates the subject before capture and while this is quite effective it's still pretty crude at times.

The camera shoots in a maximum resolution of 2560x1920 pixels and with the lens perched on the top rear of the front façade you need to open the phone first to take pictures. So you can either hold the phone upright and use the centre button on the navigation pad as the shutter button or turn the camera sideways and press the dedicated side key.

The G600 also serves up all the photographic settings like white balance, ISO (100, 200, 400 and 800 settings), self timer and effects if you want to get professional or tart up your snaps. There's also a multi-shot function to capture those moving images or you can use the 800 ISO setting but be warned of excessive picture noise at this level.

The G600 particularly excels at close-up shots in Macro mode and manages to pick up very high level of detail (see flower picture for example). Normal shots are very clear too and good enough for large prints and the G600 just about matches the Nokia N95 and Sony Ericsson K810i for picture quality. This slimline shooter also captures video at VGA quality but unlike the N95 doesn't stretch to 30 frames per second. You'll have to make do with 15fps so the quality isn't as slick as it rival, but is still better than most handsets out there even despite suffering from the dreaded judder and digital drag.

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