Nokia 6110 Navigator: the verdict

If you're in the market for the 6110 then the navigation feature will be the number one priority but this smartie also has capable multimedia talents as well. It runs just like countless other Symbian Series 60 smartphones - easy-to-use and ripe for third party software - while you get a two-megapixel snapper with a neat active sliding lens cover. This shutterbug takes decent snaps, despite underperforming on close-ups, while video is shot in a respectable but still judder-tastic 320x240 pixel resolution.

A full HTML web browser lets you surf the mobile internet over fast HSDPA speeds (networks only support max speeds of 1.8Mbps despite being future proof for 3.6Mbps) while the built-in music player is Nokia standard issue, sounding great through the supplied headphones. You can enhance the audio with a five-band equalizer but we also found activating the bass boost really gave the fidelity some welly.

A 2.5mm headphone jack is situated on top of the phone and you can conveniently plug in the earphones but it's a shame Nokia couldn't stretch to a 3.5mm jack. Also remember you have to share storage with the Route 66 Software and maps on the supplied Micro SD card, so with only 200MB available you might consider investing in further memory cards. The 6110 is a smartphone so business types aren't ignored with email capabilities, PIM functionality and the ability to view documents on the Quick Office app suite.


The Nokia N95's sat nav performance was diluted by all its other mega-features jostling for attention but the 6110 shows how it's done without the added distractions. GPS-enabled mobile phones still can't topple its dedicated rival systems for functionality and easy of use but they're getting close. The 6110 Navigator is perfect for those who spend their life on the road and need the convenience of an all-in-one smartphone to keep them company on their travels.

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