First look: Nokia 6110 Navigator

The Nokia N95 is an impressive piece of mobile kit but despite having a built-in GPS receiver its sat nav performance wasn't particularly convincing. Sure it could get you from A to B once up and running but it was peppered with glitches and satellite fix teething problems. Also the maps for your desired route are retrieved over-the-air from a central server plus you have to subscribe for the turn-by-turn voice instructions. Luckily, Nokia has gone down a different route (arf!) with the 6110 Navigator, its second phone with built an embedded GPS receiver.

Nokia has teamed up with sat nav software specialists Route 66 to install the maps and software onto a supplied microSD card. This is more stable than the N95's solution but before we look in depth at the 6110's sat nav performance lets get a general feel of the handset itself.

The 6110 may not be a multimedia monster like the N95 but its still an accomplished Symbian Series 60 smartphone featuring a two-megapixel snapper, built-in music player, 3.6Mbps flavoured HSDPA and all the other trimmings you would expect from contemporary smartphone.

However, the 6110 slider is a bit of chunky monkey and a tad porky at 125 grams. In fact, the nearest comparison would be a narrower N95 but the upshot is a very well constructed and robust device. Nokia has also varnished the 6110 in overly shiny plastic and this makes for a tactile and smooth handset.

The slider action is also springy and polished and when opened reveals a nicely spaced, friendly to use glossy keypad. Along with a front dedicated sat nav key, the 6110 also has a customisable multimedia button, camera shutter key and hotswappable memory card slot lining the sides of the phone.

Generally the 6110 Navigator is quality handset in build, although you could argue the design is more functional and business orientated rather than any grand fashion statement. But we're off to a good start with the 6110 but its biggest test is whether its sat nav performance can deliver after the disappointing Nokia N95.

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