Sony Ericsson W660i: the verdict

Outside of the music player the W660i has a healthy feature list but nothing we haven't seen already as this level. Along with the W660i's screen resolution, the two-megapixel camera has to be the most disappointing aspect of this Walkman phone. Sony Ericsson has retained the basic lens from the W850i so this means no macro or autofocus, while there's not even room for an LED flash light. Because the snapper is basic, the picture quality can be quite pasty at times. An integrated eBlogger app comes as standard now on mid-range plus Sony Ericsson phones and once you've taken your snaps you can immediately upload your snaps straight to your blog.

Mobile internet surfing is handled by Sony Ericsson's favoured NetFront browser that neatly fits the full web pages onto the W660i small screen. It makes it much easy to digest the website and these load very briskly over a 3G connection. A Google search page is also set as your web homescreen and this gives easy access to log into your Google Mail accounts.

Mobile Choice suggested in our review of the W610i that perhaps Sony Ericsson was getting a tad too predictable with its mid-level Walkman phones and the W660i confirms this assumption. Despite its design being a little more stylish than fellow Walkman candybars like the W610i we're still struggling to get really enlivened by this latest music phone. However we can't deny the W660i is yet another accomplished Walkman phone but Sony Ericsson still needs to spruce things up a little further to keep this mid-tier Walkman phone range fresh.

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