Nokia launches new Prism fashion range

There's nothing conventional looking about Nokia's new Prism range - with its geometric shapes and high shine finish, but Nokia has never been afraid of being a little bit out there with its fashion phones - as fans of the Nokia 7373 will testify.

There are currently two phones in the Nokia Prism Collection - the 7900 and the 7500.

The Nokia 7900 is slim and black and features an organic LED light display which emits light focused graphics, if you will. In other words, the display subtly alters throughout the day according to time as well as battery strength. The phone is also personalisable, with a gallery of 49 wallpaper colours and there's a 'go black' mode for when the phone is switched off.

The Nokia 7500 is designed for the youth market and apparently draws inspiration from Converse trainers. The handset comes in two striking finishes - Prism Red and Prism Black. Apparently, the Prism Black features diamond shapes replicating the iconic Chanel design.


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